A Grandmother Session // La Crescenta Family Photographer

This was my first “Grandmother Session” and how sweet of an idea is that! These two lovely Grandmas were gifted with the session to capture photos of them with their adorable grandsons, in honor of Mother’s Day.

The morning was overcast, but the weather was perfect and comfortable. The boys were sweet, a little shy at first, but warmed up in no time. I think it was a combination of grandma love plus handfuls of teeny tiny frogs covering the grass that unleashed all of the smiles and fun. It was really cool, discovering so many frogs. There were moments when pretty much everyone had a frog in their hand. The boys were enjoying the search and chase of the little jumpers. It was an unexpected addition to our session and definitely created memories for me that I’ll never forget. Hopefully it did the same for this lovely family.

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