A Maternity Session // Pasadena Photographer

Maternity sessions truly have a special place in my heart. I have two girls myself, and I was lucky that both pregnancies were smooth and easy-enough. With my first, I didn’t embrace my pregnancy and appreciate the process as much as I wish I would have. I just wanted to rush right through it. I missed being pregnant, afterwards. With my second, I made it a point not to rush anything, to take in every moment, to remember all of the kicks and rolls that baby did and it was also the first time in my life when I felt truly beautiful and amazing in my own skin.

I know every woman experiences her pregnancy differently, and some aren’t so lucky and feel plain miserable (and even worse if you’re put on bed-rest). But I just think growing and carrying a life inside you is the most beautiful thing there is. Call me crazy but every time I see a pregnant Mama, I think “Ugh, I miss that!” I really find it an honor to photograph expecting Mamas during such a special time in their lives. Thank you to all who allow me to do so 🙂

This Mama looks amazing and definitely has that glow. For some reason, I was feeling a little off of my game that evening. I think it was just a low-confidence thing. Or maybe it was because I wasn’t super familiar with our Pasadena location and we had to cruise around a little, looking for the right spots. But these two made it easy, they were as nice as can be and after I started working on their photos I realized I had nothing to worry about. I’m really happy with how they turned out!

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