The Bloglatest happenings

  • My First Photo Session {Los Angeles Couples Photographer}

  • My first official photo session took place almost a month ago. I was happy to use my beautiful co-worker and her boyfriend as my guinea pigs for a couples photo session at another co-worker's family residence. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to do this and for being my very first! The session lasted a lot longer than I had expected it to. I was unfamiliar with the location and being that it was a large property, we explored it toget [...]
  • Misty Jeanine Photography has launched!

  • This is my official announcement: Misty Jeanine Photography has launched! I'm a shiny, new photographer, guys! *Insert applause here* I've been saying for years that I'd love to be a photographer some day. It's been a dream of mine for quite a while now and I'm finally taking it off the back burner to cook things up real nice. A new marriage and a new baby have their ways of putting a lot of things on hold. Getting all of my ducks in a row has [...]