A Beach Lifestyle Session // Oxnard Beach Photographer

A “lifestyle” session…what the heck is that? Well I’ll tell you, my friends.

In a nutshell, it’s a photography session that captures you and your family in your element, with minimal to no posing. It’s a session where the photographer attempts to be a “fly on the wall”, snapping away while you just do your thang. This type of session is perfect for telling your own personal story, full of real moments and raw emotion. Locations can be anything from an afternoon at the park, a visit to the local farmer’s market, a trip to the ice cream/donut shop (or maybe eating those at a place more scenic), a trip to a farm/orchard/ranch, a hike along a trail or even a day at the beach.

This “session” is a perfect example of a beach lifestyle session. I use quotations because these “clients” are actually my family + my daughter’s best friend. But it gives you a glimpse of what a lifestyle session looks like. Had it been an actual family/client, you’d see more of them together, dancing along the waves or sitting in the sand and just interacting with each other. What a great way to document some fun memories 🙂

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