Lifestyle Newborn Session – La Canada Flintridge Photographer

I met this family for the first time at the doorstep of their home for their lifestyle newborn session. They had such warm and inviting smiles and their children were excited to see me even though we hadn’t yet met. Their oldest daughter led me in and happily showed me around the house, especially her room and some of her favorite toys. It turns out that her and her brother love Paw Patrol just as much as my two girls do!

As with any family with small children, the energy and playful level was high. And if you’re new to me, by the way, I love photographing energetic children. I won’t steer too far off on a tangent, but don’t ever worry about your children’s behavior during a session. Lots of energy gives me lots of material to work with, and chances are, they’ll come up with the cutest moments all on their own if we all just give them the freedom to be themselves. Moments that I could have never prompted or posed! Okay, getting back on track. This sweet family embraced their new dynamic as a family of 5 with grace which I think really came through beautifully during their session.

Grandma was still visiting with them while they all adjusted to their new baby so OF COURSE she got a few pictures with her new granddaughter! I’m giving you all fair warning that whoever is present during a session gets in front of the camera, whether they planned on it or not. You’ll thank me later 🙂

I should also mention that although I take a “lifestyle” approach to my newborn sessions and don’t use props (or lighting or backdrops), you can absolutely incorporate sentimental items. That’s what this family did. It was important to them to include a blanket that was made by a grandmother and that’s what you see baby sleeping on in her solo shots. This blanket was also included in the newborn photos of the other two kids!

It was such a pleasure meeting this family and working with them. By the end, their oldest daughter wanted me to hang around longer and was sad to see me go. How sweet is that? Definitely a good sign that at least in her book, the session was a success! And it really was for everyone else, too.

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