May Minis 2021 – Booking Open!

It’s that time again for Spring Minis, friends. I’m a little late to the game this time around and a bit last minute as well with the dates and sharing about them. But better late than never and I at least wanted to give anyone who’s been interested in working with me the chance to do so at this price point.

The link to the scheduling page to book your May Mini is at the bottom of this post, along with the dates and locations, but for those who are new here and would like a bit more info on what to expect from a session with me should read on.

What’s a Mini?

It’s a session that I only offer twice a year (spring and fall), there are limited spots, I select the dates and time slots and location, they’re booked back-to-back which means I have no flexibility with showing up late or going over our time together, they are shorter in length than my regular sessions and come at lower price point as well. We won’t cruise around our location much, rather I focus more time on getting those sweet and fun moments between you all since our time is limited. If you don’t think a mini is for you, I’m open year round for booking regular sessions so feel free to reach out at any time to ask questions about them and/or book!

About me.

I’m a natural light + lifestyle family photographer. That just means that I shoot in the great outdoors when lighting is nice, I don’t use any props at all and my top priority is to capture more genuine moments between you and your family. I do sprinkle in some posed shots in your session as well, but I quickly add movement by directing you to…you guessed it…move. The prompts I give always depend on the family and what type of energy you bring to your session, but examples of movements are tickling, hugging, walking, skipping, dipping a small child, tossing/lifting a child in the air, twirling and more. You don’t have to worry about being awkward in front of the camera or worry about not knowing what to do because I’m very vocal and involved and I help guide you along the way.

Let’s talk kids…

I love working with kids, even the “wild ones”…especially the wild ones. They bring the most energy to work with. Because I’m not super heavy with “poses”, kids usually do just fine during our session because I’m mostly rolling with their natural movements and their lead. I do try out my ideas with kids and if they’re not having it, I move on to the next until something sticks. As long as I’m not overly bossy and the rest of the family is keeping their cool, the kids will be fine. No need to threaten or punish or enforce, just love on everything they do for this short period of time, let them come however they are and it will all work out. Trust them (and me). Every season of life is worth remembering and documenting.

Mini details.

  • 20-minute session
  • 15 digital images of your choice, with the option to purchase more from all the best shots from your session
  • Investment: $250
  • Sessions are for immediately family members only (excludes extended family session & newborns)
  • Option to order prints directly from your gallery through my preferred printing lab (print release included to choose the lab of your choice)
  • Cancellation: If I need to cancel, full refund. If you need to cancel, the retainer is non-refundable but can be applied towards a regular session at a later date. If you’ve already paid in full, that amount can be applied towards a regular session at a later date.

Locations, dates, times.

La Crescenta 5/15: 4:35pm, 5:00pm, 5:25pm

Pasadena Garden 5/16: 4:45pm, 5:10pm, 5:35pm, 6:00pm

Booking process.

  1. Click the “Book Session” button below to be directed to the scheduling system
  2. Select location + date + time slot + continue
  3. Enter personal info + answer questionnaire + agree to terms/conditions + submit
  4. You’re ALMOST booked! Soon after you submit your booking, I’ll email you the contract + invoice to be signed & paid within 48-hours of receiving them. Only the non-refundable retainer is due now ($100). Failure to complete both contract & invoice forfeits your session to the next interested family.
  5. Signed contract + paid retainer = officially booked session! I’ll email you the confirmation pack with all of your session’s details.


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