Hey, there! From the gal behind the camera.

Hey there, I’m Misty, the gal behind the camera. I’m a Los Angeles dwelling wife of 7 years and a mother of two girls who are now the ages of 4 and 7. After a decade of working as an art teacher to young kids, I now spend most of my time at home with my girls as their educator (we homeschool), housekeeper, and a short-order cook. We’re also home to a few dogs, a handful of cats, a few dozen chickens and a tortoise. Sounds so glamorous, I know!

While juggling home life, I also work as a natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle family sessions. After my first daughter was born, it was the fleeting days of her infancy combined with my depressingly poor memory (I can’t remember most of my life) that forced a camera in my hands so that I wouldn’t forget the precious early days of her life.  And it was through documenting our many firsts as a new family of three when I quickly felt a significant connection to photography. But it wasn’t until I started capturing memories for other families when photography grew into my passion. It’s a part of me that I’m constantly growing and improving through listening to podcasts while doing laundry and dishes, signing up for online courses, attending multiple day in-person workshops (hello, kid-free world!) and photography conferences. You guys, when it comes to investing in myself and in my business so that I can better serve my families, I’m all in!

Over the last three years, I’ve provided close to 100 families with images that illustrate the love and connection that they share. My intention is to help my families create genuine, heartfelt moments with each other that are true to them, however that presents itself in our session. Whether loved ones are being sweet and snuggly, rambunctious or downright having a fit, I fully welcome it all. I believe that all our messy seasons of life are worth capturing and that there is beauty in all of it. My job is to document that beauty because I know first-hand how hard it can be to find it in our daily lives as parents. Family images that speak to your own unique story have power in reminding us what’s most important to us. You’re not only investing in meaningful memories for you and your children to treasure for your lifetimes but also in keepsakes that will carry on into future generations to come. How amazing is that?!

If it’s been ages since you’ve been in front of a camera, or you just don’t want to miss these brief stages of life, or you feel in your bones the importance of documenting all the memories (I mean, there’s a reason why photos are one of the first things a person grabs in the event of a fire or other disaster, right?) then I’d love to connect with you to chat about how I can serve you and your family. You can reach me by shooting me an email at Misty@MistyJeaninePhotography.com. And please, feel free to check out more of my work on my Instagram feed HERE!

***Disclaimer: The images used in this post do not fully reflect my work since I propped my camera on a laundry basket on my desk and used the 10-second self timer to take each one, and I used the Auto setting! But it just goes to show you that getting in the picture with your kids, Mamas, is absolutely doable and just so worth it (with or without my professional services!)***


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